! Note: Please shut down Storage Commander before installing any updates.

New Features
- Added a security feature to disable the manipulation of end dates for recurring discounts, fees, insurance, etc in the Contract Details window (Activities => Disable Product End Date)
- Added security feature to disable the Print & Email buttons for report groups in the Reports Window (Misc => Disable Report Group Access)

Bug Fixes

- Fixed an issue where reserving a unit or moving a unit from a contact would cause miscellaneous information, like driver's license number, expiration, and SSN, to be dropped upon completing the reservation/rental
- Fixed an issue where a specific rate set during a reservation would not carry over into the move-in for that unit
- Fixed an issue where transfers would not prorate out the remaining days in a unit and would give a tax credit on taxed units (
- Addressed an issue where the Credit Card Exceptions SC Pay report might incorrectly report a transaction out of balance in SC when it was not (

Download links are not listed because a newer version is available.