! Note: Please shut down Storage Commander before installing any updates.

New Features
- Added a security controlled feature to backdating a move-out
- Added the ability to process SC Pay reports as part of automatic End of Day

- ( Advanced search will search using a fully formatted phone number (###) ###-####

Bug Fixes
- Fixed an issue related to charging ACH through Bambora when using SC Pay
- Fixed an issue creating EFT charges for TD Bank
- Fixed bug where a phone number couldn't be searched if it had special characters
- Vehicle information will be tracked for Setup Existing
- Comments will save as part of Setup Existing
- Addressed a DocuSign issue where signed contracts weren't being received automatically
- Fixed another DocuSign issue where it would hold up the program when checking document statuses
- ( Fixed an issue where photos and alternate information wouldn't save for Setup Existing
- ( Fixed and issue for dual proecssing with SC Pay and First American where an error would show during auto payments stating the FA processor had not yet started

- ( Resolved issue where Storage Commander Pay token would not be generated when updating autopay information to ACH without a payment
- ( Addressed the issue where reversing a move-out on units with autopay would cause the unit to show rented, but the customer was not reactivated

Download links are not listed because a newer version is available.