We have received urgent information that our Storage Commander V5 (cloud and standalone) users who are on the OpenEdge PayMover (formerly PayPros) platform are subject to new PCI regulations and will be unable to charge credit cards after, February 28, 2018 with your current configuration. This update will need to be installed on every computer running Storage Commander within your office.

Please note that while our Cloud customers have support included in their plan, our standalone customers must be current on support to receive this update. 

If you have questions regarding this security update or installation questions please contact us directly at 951-672-6257 x 603  

If your technical support plan has expired please contact our sales department to renew your technical support plan at 951-672-6257.

Storage Commander V5 (Standalone and Cloud Editions)

If you are processing credit cards with OpenEdge directly in Storage Commander V5 (standalone and cloud edition) you will want to check your credit card settings within the Configuration Manager to see if you are affected by this change. If you process credit cards using a separate credit card terminal and manually enter in the approval code into Storage Commander you are not impacted by this change. To check your credit card settings log into the Configuration Manager and select Facilities. If you have multiple facilities listed within this screen you will need to confirm the credit card settings for each location. Click on the first facility in the list and select Settings. Within the Facility Details screen select Options. Within the Facility Options screen confirm which Credit Card Processor is currently selected. If the selected Credit Card Processor is PayPros you will need to install the Storage Commander update prior to March 1st.

Storage Commander V5 Standalone

If you are using the Storage Commander V5 Standalone version please contact our Technical Support team at support@storagecommander.com for further installation instructions.

Storage Commander V5 Cloud Update Installation Instructions

In order to install the update you must first exit out of the Storage Commander application and download the Storage Commander Client Update. The update will be available to download from our website using the following link below on February 21st.  

Storage Commander Client Update (link)

After the installer file is finished downloading launch the Install Storage Commander V5.14.0.6 Client Update.exe installer by double clicking on the file to begin the installation process.

Installation Steps

  1. Click the Next button.

  2. Click the Install button.

  3. Click Finish to complete the installation.

To verify the version of Storage Commander installed log into the application and select Help/About Storage Commander. The client version number within this window should be If you are seeing a version number below please contact our Technical Support team at support@storagecommander.com.

If you have questions regarding this security update or installation questions please contact us directly at 951-672-6257 x 603