New Features

Quick View Tab Sorting and Printing

Added the ability to print the Quick View tab.  Also, added additional sorting options to reservations, contacts, scheduled move-outs, and lates/past due contracts on the Quick View tab.

Reservations Sort Options and Print Button

Multi-Unit Move In

Added the ability to select multiple units during a move-in.

Single click to highlight multiple units.

Contact Comments

Added the ability to add comments to Contacts within QuickView.

Customers / Units Tab Sorting 

Added "Sort By" option based on unit name or customer name on the "Customers / Units" tab

End of Day Notice Printing

Added option to automatically print notices after End of Day.

Disabled Marketing Fields Requirement

Marketing fields are no longer required during a move-in.

"Transfer Deposits" Option 

This feature provides two options that can be selected during a deposit transfer.  If a deposit should be transferred to the  new unit it should be checked.  If the deposit should be refunded to rent/prepaid it should be unchecked.

Facility Options

Invoice Numbering

Added invoice number to the available notice merge codes to add invoices numbers to your invoices.

Facility Options
Merge Fields

Move-In Required Fields

Added required fields for move-ins. 

Facility Options → Required Fields...

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  • Automatic download of latest map file after a recent map change.
  • Corrected refresh of QuickView screen when clearing an individual To-Do list item.
  • Customer Display Terminal: added enhancements to transfer contracts and insurance selection and installer path correction.
  • Enhancements to refunds and deposit application during a move-out.
  • Added multi-processor support within the debit screen.

Don't Forget: Tenant Text Message Notifications

     Storage Commander users can now access the most powerful text messaging service available to provide their tenants with custom-built notifications.  For information on how to setup this amazing new tool, please download our Text Messaging Setup Guide and continue with your update!

! Note: Please shut down Storage Commander before installing any updates.

The links to download this update have been removed because a newer update is available.